Lyfestyle Experiences Update from our Director
Published Friday 7 August, 2020

Dear Lyfestyle Experience customer,

I extend my best to you and your families. Many of us are under a host of new and unfamiliar pressures due to the impacts of COVID-19 in our lives.

Here in Melbourne, we are once again currently adapting to change in our workplace, along with supporting family structures, in line with the evolving challenges of a pandemic lifestyle.

It is important we keep in touch and update you on developments. We will continue to ensure that every booking is honoured, by refining the way we execute booking requests, given our reduced resources and time limitations.

Together we will see this through. I hope each experience offered through Lyfestyle, is seen as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of spending time with loved ones and those we cherish.

Please read through our updates below when you can. Stay safe. The team and I look forward to servicing you soon.

Kind regards,

Simon C. Braham


Lyfestyle Team and Office changes

Belle Fields, our Client Services Manager, is taking a break and finishing up her role on Friday 7 August 2020 to start the journey to welcoming a new baby. We thank her for all her exemplary work, in managing all our customer booking requests, liaising with our myriad of experience partners and overseeing customer service communications.  Belle will miss her customers and sincerely wishes everyone all the best and hopes to be in touch in some capacity in 2021

Given the nature of our environment in Melbourne and the economic landscape for our industry in general, we have been unable to make a dedicated replacement. However, between our existing team members, who are working from home, we will make our best efforts to respond to your enquiries and keep you informed re: the status of your package and booking availability.

Booking changes and advice

All bookings, whether they be new bookings requests or to re-book due to COVID-19 cancellations and/or postponements, will need to go through our new ONLINE BOOKING forms. This will ensure we have all the correct and updated contact information and will assist us to streamline your booking, with the aim of improved timelines for confirmations with our supplier partners.

We encourage you not to request bookings until you know restrictions for your package allow for the experience to proceed.

For all Europe bookings, we are unlikely to action any booking requests or booking changes until after November 2020, unless there are international flights currently in place for your destination. We are working towards firm solutions for our European travellers, to plan for scenarios which may affect bookings in 2021.



IN-HOME Experience Packages

In-Home Booking Form


GENERAL Experience packages
(non-home based, yet not travel)

General Booking Form


LOCAL HOLIDAY (Australian) Travel

Local Holiday Booking Form



International Holiday Booking Form

If you are unsure please see our package experience summary HERE

Replacement packages

Lyfestyle Experiences are in a position to exchange packages for guests, especially where personal circumstances no longer allow them to undertake their package. We are building a new system to help offer alternatives. Please bear with us, as we need to be very precise to ensure recommendations have a clear pathway, both in terms of budgets and availability. We hope to have this ready by end of August 2020.

Refund requests

Please see our previous advice to refund requests in our newsletters section. .

We certainly understand your frustration, in particular for customers of our international holiday packages. However, we cannot provide a refund, as funds from your experience package have already been paid to the charities and non-profits, and in many cases, already paid to suppliers and used for business overheads. Packages are still available to be redeemed or exchanged.

Website Updates

We are slowly working on our new website at It is important you stay abreast of updates in relation to COVID-19 restrictions and have access to details of newsletters and general policy announcements

From time to time we will issue email newsletters and bulletins. We encourage you not to unsubscribe as you may miss out on crucial updates in future.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

All the best.

Lyfestyle Experiences Team