About Lyfestyle Experiences

The vision for Lyfestyle Experieneces, commenced back in 2009 by providing ‘Jet-Fighter Tours’ and ‘Chef at Home’ personal experiences for fundraising events. Over time we have constantly evolved to provide diverse offerings allowing our members to experience life in an indulgent fashion; sharing timeless memories with friends and family, both home and abroad.

Our experience packages are born out of strategic partnerships with owners and suppliers whose aim is to provide quality and premium service for our me‍‍‍mbers. Previously these packages were only available via fundraising events. However, since 2018 all members have the opportunity to access and undertake new and exclusive experiences, redeem discounted offers, leverage off our new brand alliances, revel in free events and help continue our support of the community.

In addition to increasing our experience offerings, we will also allow our members (eligible customers) to invite like-minded individuals to join as well.


At Lyfestyle Experiences we understand that our members work hard and manage challenging lifestyles. Our members choose Lyfestyle Experiences as we provide a pathway to indulge their sense of adventure, style, romance and tastes. We thrive on satisfying your life experience, and building timeless memories.

2018 is the year we have officially arrived to the market place and will invite members to engage new experiences and enjoy the benefits of membership.


As a part our daily role, Lyfestyle Experiences works directly with fundraising auction specialists, to assist them with auction curation and donation pa‍‍‍ckages for major fundraising events.

This partnership introduces new opt-in members to Lyfestyle Experiences, while assisting to raise hundred’s of thousands of dollars for charities and non-profit organisations each year.

Our Team & Early Beginnings

Preparations for LYFESTYLE EXPERIENCES as its own entity began in 2017 thanks to some office space provided by our largest partner, Maharb Group Pty Ltd.

From here, headed by Simon and Belle Braham, our Directors and General Manager of Procurement & Sales, Michelle Adgemis, the LYFESTYLE EXPERIENCES brand and offering have been built. Our focus is to service our existing and ever growing membership base while strengthening our relationships with our suppliers, fundraising auction partners and new not-for-profit partners.

Our Melbourne office manages all our member bookings, supplier and partner relations.

We look forward to developing and servicing all our member and partner needs in 2021 and beyond.