Lyfestyle Package Exchange

Lyfestyle Experiences has been inundated with requests for alternate options on packages bought pre-COVID-19.

Given our staffing levels have been affected, undertaking and executing an exchange or ‘swap’ request involves substantial correspondence between ourselves and our customers in addition to budgeting, engaging new suppliers and finalising dates.

As we have had limited revenues for over a year now, funding the re-booking of hundreds of requests is best tackled with an efficient self-guided platform.

As of XXXX 2021, all existing and new requests for existing Lyfestyle Experiences customers wishing to undertake and an exchange, will do so here.

If none of these packages suit your preferences, please fill in the form below and we will endeavour to find you a more customised solution.

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    Original Package Purchased
    Would you like to request a time extension to your original package? Please note fees may apply. Would you like to request a Lyfestyle one-on-one consultation for $99 to plan further options? We can also refer you to a third-party travel agent to plan further options for $299?

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